Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Welcome 2019

It's Tuesday night.  Aden and I just got back from basketball practice.  They got crushed their last game so this was a pretty intense practice.  I had a pretty successful guitar lesson tonight.  I'm starting to get the hang of strumming in rhythm.  Back to last Monday which was New Years Eve.  Shannon came during the day to help so we could get ready for having people over.  We also ran to a very crowded supermarket.  
 Both our families and one family of friends came over.
 We had a huge dinner.
 I made a slow cooker pulled chicken in a homemade bourbon barbecue sauce.  
 I also made barbecued salami, Amy's request, and Clar made meatballs.

 Hopefully Eli has some talent because he loves to entertain.  
 What's so funny?
 Eli requested we all watch him sing and dance.

 All the girls.
 Dessert time.

 The older boys stuck to the video games.  
Then it was ping pong time.  

 All our guests, besides Bev, were gone by 10.
 Eli tried to stay awake.
 But he fell asleep.  

Then Noah fell asleep on me.  I carried them both up and threw them in bed around 10:30.
 The four of us watched the various New Years shows on tv till midnight.  It was pouring in New York.  People that stand out there all day and night are totally crazy.  
 Happy 2019!

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