Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Mary Poppins Returns!

This was Christmas morning.  All the kids got a few small presents from Santa.  We just didn't want them to think that Santa thought they were bad.  

 It was a lazy day.
 We got a sitter and took the older 2 to the new movie theater in Huntingdon Valley, which was very nice, to see Mary Poppins.  
Everyone loved it!  it was sweet.
 We got back and wanted to get the boys out a little so we walked ot the school.  It was freezing!

 We met Lindsay and Chad for dinner at Ben & Irvs.  It was crazy there.  

 The next morning we were supposed to take the boys to a new play place in Doylestown.  Eli wasn't feeling well so Amy stayed home with him.  When Noah got his shoes and jacket on and realized that Eli wasn't coming he freaked out!  He did not want to leave without him.  He cried and screamed but I was able to get him in the car.  Once he saw the place he was fine.
 Hey Sam!
Noah loved it!
 There were bouncy things and rides.

 Noah even made friends.
 Ali jumped into the bumper cars.  Watch out!
We had lunch and headed out.
 I went to the gym and took Aden with me.  We worked out together.  He hung in there pretty well.
Heather stopped by to give us all Christmas presents.  

 The boys loved theirs.

 Ariel got earphones.  
 Our stylish girl.

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