Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lunch with the Cousins

Happy Thursday night!  Eva and Gwen for over for dinner tonight, so you can imagine the craziness.  We have the twins in bed though and it's 8:00 so woo hoo for us.  We have somewhat of a free night.  There are 2 winter storms headed this way.  The weather people aren't too sure about either of them so wish us luck!

Last Friday we had some lollipops before school.
 Here we go!  
 Some of my cousins went to see my grandmother.
Then we met them for lunch.
 My mom with three of her first cousins and their kids and Amy!
Aden came home from school insisting on a haircut.  Now that it's shorter, he wants to maintain it better.
 His usual girl wasn't around but he didn't care.
 Ariel came for the candy.
 She cleaned them out!
 He got his hair washed after the cut.  He loves that.
 Our handsome young man.
 That night we went to synagogue.  Aden's class led Shabbat services.  Have a great weekend!

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