Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Which Cake?

It's Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash.  Anyone heard of this one?  Noah has some skin thing going on.  Like hives that come and go and get itchy.  The doctor suggested putting baking soda in his bath.  So a couple of nights ago, we put the baking soda in the bath.  Noah was fine but Eli's hands turned red and puffy!  I had no idea what was happening.  I gave him Benedryl and he got better quickly.  Tonight, we did the same thing and it happened again.  Could Eli be allergic to baking soda?

Back to last week, it was Hannah and Ava's birthday.  They are the other twins in the twin's class.

One more Eagles thing before the sad loss.
 Dinner with Eva and Gwen.
 Too cute.
 Eli picked out his cake.  
 He is a master at cake.
 Aden helped me change a light bulb.
 School pics.

 I thought the sky looked cool here.
 Aden likes to wrestle with the twins.  
Cuddling with daddy.
 Our cutey pie.
 Family relaxing time.

 Ariel reading to the boys.

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