Monday, January 21, 2019

Jamming with Judy

It's a freezing cold Monday night.  It was below 10 most of the day!  And windy!  It was so painful to be outside the the twins cried walking to the car!  Speaking of lovely weather, last Sunday we had a bit of snow.  
 Just a bit.
The kids still had Hebrew school.  
 It was a lazy kind of football day.  
 My neighbor came over to jam with me a bit.  She brought me the Eagle's fight song.
 But the boys just wanted her to jump with them!
 Aden did his patented ottoman slide.

 I stayed home with Aden to watch the Eagle's game.  Amy took the other three to a birthday party at a rock climbing place.  
Ariel got right into it.  
 It took a while for the boys to get going.
 But they did!

These are Amy's pictures so I can't really comment.  I should have gone with them.  It was a sad game to watch.

 Go Noah!

Aden missed his girlfriend Layla.  

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