Monday, May 3, 2021

Bad Parenting

It's Monday night.  It's all such a blur anymore.  It's somehow May already.  Now that's it getting warm we need to slow things down!  Last Sunday, Eli got to piling up the outdoor pillows.  
Aden had an early football game.  A little practice first.  
I didn't take that many pics.  I have a few videos but Aden wasn't overly involved.  
My dad was there to watch.  
The coach got angry at Aden because he had a bad attitude.  Aden is mad he's not a star on the team but I told him he needs to earn it by hard work and not complaining.  Of course he doesn't listen to me.  
Back for the pillow.  
Our parenting did not get much better.  This would turn out to be our last swim for a while.  
They were building an obstacle course.  
Someone was mesmerized.  
Our bathing suit model.  
Eli kept fighting the teacher on floating on his back.  He's scared to get his face wet and thinks she will let go if he's on his back.  The teacher decided she couldn't help him anymore and told us not to come back!  Amy and I felt like we were bad parents that day.  
And they didn't even get to try this.
Cheer time.  

Eli watched.  

Ariel showed Rachel her camp stuff.  
It was a quiet night.  
I even got to sit outside on the new sofa.
I can get used to this!


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