Sunday, May 2, 2021

Shopping at Denny's

It's Sunday night.  We had a very nice weekend starting with the gorgeous weather.  Amy and I went to a fun wedding.  We had lots of outdoor activities the rest of the time.  Let me get to this post because it's huge.  

Last Saturday, Amy and I went with Ariel and her friend Emily and Emily's mom Rachael to Denny's in Marlboro New Jersey to shop for summer clothes.  Ariel was so excited.  
She had her own personal shopper.  

Emily's mind was blown.  She usually gets hand me downs.  This was a new experience for her.  
They were busy.  
This is the stuff for Ariel to try on!
They got a few matching outfits.  
She got some Grateful Dead shirts for daddy.  

Yeah, she could have done this all day.  
Then she got some supplies for camp.  
Bringing her load to the register.  
That's her stuff too.  
Successful day girls!
We got back and took the twins to their baseball game.  
Noah made it to first!
Eli's turn at bat.  
Here he comes.  To me!  Not the base!

I like when the kids running the bases lap each other.  
I played first base coach so I got some closeups.  
Good game!
Everyone runs the bases at the end.  

Ariel was at Giuliana's birthday party.  
I picked her up.  
The one downside of having the sofa on the deck is bringing in the cushions before rain.  Of course the twins love having extra things to play with.  

Have a great day Ariel?


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