Tuesday, May 18, 2021

If It's Warm, We Are Outside

Last Monday, the boys got out their trains.  
Did a little dancing.  
Then back to the trains.  
Ariel modeled my blanket dress.
What are they building?
The neighbors made a fire and everyone came out.  

How's that s'more Ariel?
The boys are always playing sports.  
The parents drink and relax!

We were out there late.
On Tuesday night, the twins had baseball.  
What are you looking for Noah?

On base!
Getting some advice from the first base coach.  

Eli patiently waiting his turn to bat.  This is not normal.  Usually he's running around.  
Grandmom and Heather were there to cheer them on.  
The boys played with Ariel's friend between innings.  
Both boys on base again.  They are on 3 times a game.  

Ariel always the model.

Some homework before bed.  


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