Sunday, May 16, 2021

Zip Line

It's Sunday night.  We had a pretty busy weekend.  So busy in fact that I'm about to pass out.  So let's get this done!  Last Saturday, I went to pick up Ariel at Amelia's house.  They had a really fun yard.  
Including a zip line!
She really didn't want to leave.  
But knowing the Rachel and Lindsey were coming got her going.  Knowing Lindsey was going to be there means lots of extra stunting.  First it was hair time.  

Nice Ariel!
Here is some of the stunting that went on.  

I think the neighbors with the new bernedoodle puppy don't really get the concept of walking the dog.  
I took the 3 boys for haircuts.  The twins waited outside while Aden went.  
There he is through the window.  
Noah's turn.  

Then Eli.
It went pretty smoothly.  
We had a quiet night.  I baked a little with the kids.  
The sky was looking ominous.  
I took Eli to the market for some last minute Mother's Day stuff.  He wanted to talk to Marty the robot but he was sleeping.  
It was pouring when we left.  I had the car come to us!


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