Thursday, May 27, 2021

Fajitas Aplenty

A big post for your Friday.  Last Thursday, Ariel modeled some of her new clothes from Denny's.  
I took a trip to the shore to check on the house.  I bought this vintage table and chair and a little dresser for Aden and Ariel's room.  
Of course I had a yummy burger from the Dairy Bar.  
That night there was some serious art going on.  
It is unbelievable how much stuff a tiny little girl needs for overnight camp.  
Good A's Eli!
We have been sitting outside a lot.  Why did it take us so long to get a sofa?

They still love the swingset.  
My buddy Adam came over to talk to Aden about how his Bar Mitzvah will be.  Adam will be in the background running everything.  
Then Adam made a TikTok with Ariel.  He has over 1 million followers!  She was so excited.  
Friday, we hung out at the neighbor's pool a little.  Baby Matthew is a great swimmer!
Melissa and Mark came over.  I made fajitas.  

They came out pretty well.  
Eating outside!  So nice.  

Hey Honey.  
Cuddles with Aden.

The neighbors came over.  
Have a great holiday weekend!


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