Monday, May 24, 2021

Watch the Pony!

Here's a quick post for your Tuesday.  Anyone that knows me well...
Last Sunday morning, Aden had a football game.  
He doesn't get the ball much so not much to share.  

It was a rough season for him.  We feel bad.  The coach was not a good fit.  
Ariel had a playdate with Emily after Hebrew School.  
The camp sisters.  
During all of this, Amy took the twins to little Jack's birthday party.  There was a pony that Eli was terrified of!

That afternoon, we met at my grandmother's gravesite for her unveiling.  My cousin Rebecca came with her family.  
Leo and Noah caught up.  
We said some prayers and talked about her.  
Then we went to La Stalla for dinner.  
Of course Rita's for dessert.  


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