Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Giant Box From Denny's

It's a warm, buggy Wednesday night.  The twins did well at baseball practice.  Now I just want them to go to bed!  The problem is it's so light out and all the neighborhood kids are out.  Back to last Wednesday.  Noah discovered the pile of pillows.  
Thanks Noah.  
It was field day at school.  Ariel's hair was blue!  The parents weren't allowed to go.  I love field day!

Here are some action shots taken by Ariel's teacher.  

Her class!

We got some pillows and a rug to go with our new sofa.  
Ariel came home to a surprise.  All the clothes she bought at Denny's a few weeks ago came back with her name sewed into everything!

Needless to say, she was excited.  

So many clothes.  
Not so great when Aden finds a huge stick.  
Another night outside for all the kids.  

I found puppy Chloe.  
Looks like a doll!

Yes, Eli is in a bathing suit and sitting on an inner tube with no water anywhere to be found!
The big boys doing who know what.  


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