Saturday, July 14, 2007

Will he ever just leave her alone?

This was another one of those crazy, maybe I planned too much, days.

The view from a very early breakfast.

The road between our hotel and the one in the mountains is lined with these really cool looking Cooke Pine Trees.

The older trees are huge and lead up to the Four Seasons Lana'i Lodge at Koele. This was the headquarters for the Dole pineapple plantation that used to be here.

The ranch was right next to The Lodge.

I'm on Ace and Amy is on Dallas. Dallas was the biggest horse but supposedly the most gentle. We took a two hour ride around the top of the island. It was very dusty, windy and cold but scenery was spectacular. Amy got a kick out of the horses. Mine kept stopping to eat and hers just kept stopping. "Kick him harder Amy!" By the time we were done, our butts hurt and we were covered in dust. It was fun though.

We cleaned up a little at The Lodge then ate in the small town.

Then we rented a Jeep. Most of the roads are not paved and you need a Jeep to get anywhere. We first went to the Garden of the G-ds. Not quite the garden we had anticipated after 45 mintutes of bouncing around. That as all we needed after riding a horse for two hours. Amy was the navigator. I'm not sure how we made it back!

The Garden?!?

We then drove to Shipwreck Beach. It was down the other side of the Island from our hotel. We decended down a long winding road with red clay cliffs on either side. Beautiful views of Maui and Molokai the whole way. At the bottom, it was warm and windy so the sands were blowing everywhere. We were now covered with dust and sand.

Some scary looking houses, this was Friday the 13th so I guess appropriate.

The shipwreck!

Tons of giant sea turtles!

There were more places to drive but we both had enough and returned the car early and went back to the hotel. She slept from 3 to 7, which it is now. We decided to take the late ferry back tomorrow so we are just going to sit by the pool and relax before the long trip home. Our flight is at 11 Sat. night.

This is from a couple of nights ago. Just wanted you to see how pretty Amy looked in her new red dress.

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