Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh Deer!

So Amy and I slept at my parent's house and woke up to a herd of deer in the backyard. My dad feeds them sometimes and has bags of bird seed on hand. I went out with some seed and they did not run away.  They just stared with those big black eyes.   It looked like most of them were very young.  

I think this was the mother.  She was the closest and the biggest.  When I finished putting out the seed, she gave the all clear and...

They all came running over.

The view from my bedroom.

We then went to Newtown to her favorite maternity store, which was closed, so we visited Rebecca, Leo and Genny at the store.

She's so expressive now.

The store was busy.  They really have some interesting foods there.

We then met my parents and Amy's parents at a house we have been considering.  How would you like to plow that driveway?!?

Probably a mistake bringing the families.  They all loved it but I have some reservations and the pressure is now on.  The location, in Richboro, can't be beat.  It's within a half mile of her parents and maybe 2 miles from my parents and very close to some of our friends.  It's hard to say what's holding me back.

Amy's dad busy cleaning his bike.

Sunday night, we had dinner with Dave and Danielle at Gnocci off of South Street.  We hadn't seen them since the wedding in January.  They loved Amy's belly.  Back to our place to play Wii and eat the sticky buns they had made today.

On the way to work Monday, I passed this sign.  Who says Bensalem doesn't have everything you need!

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