Thursday, March 27, 2008


The following story took place all night, but I'm condensing it down for your sake...

So Amy and Melissa asked me to cook dinner.  I decided on a chicken stew.  While I was shopping after work , I had a bad feeling it was going to be one of those nights and maybe I should make something a little easier.  I was right.  I have been wanting to upgrade Melissa's Macbook to Leopard, the newer operating system because it has some features I think she would like.  She came over and was going to take a short break from all her school work and watch tv a bit so I figured that would be a good time to try the update.  I pop in the disc and start it going.  After about an hour, it froze saying "11 minutes left."  It did not move from there for a long time.  I started to panic.  It's at this point she tells me she had been having trouble with her drive and that her whole world is on this laptop and it's not backed up.  So, the stew was bubbling away and I totally freaked figuring it was all over and she was going to kill me.  I called Apple.  They were very nice but told me I might be out of luck.  They said I should try restarting.  When I did, the disc popped out.  They said that was another bad sign.  Now I'm really worried.  The girls are downstairs eating and don't really know what's happening.  Of course, I lost my appetite.  Out of nowhere, the computer restarted and it seemed to be ok and running the old operating system.  I quickly grabbed an external hard drive and backed up all her stuff.  I was able to finally breathe, at least I saved her stuff.  I wasn't able to eat.  The girls had given up on the stew and went to get pizza.  She was playing with it later and said she didn't recognize some of the icons.  I took a closer look, it was Leopard.  It did install?!?  I have no idea how it worked but it did.  I'm staying away from computers from now on!

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