Monday, November 12, 2012

3 Gallon Hurricane

Yes, this post has 50 pictures.  It's crazy but I just trying to bang them out.  These will take us through Thursday.  

Wednesday, I got this sent to me while I was working.  Nothing like that face to keep you going!
 That night we had dinner at Mr. B's.  One of the Brennan restaurants.  

 They just added brisket to the menu.  Yum.
 Yes, I ate like this for 6 nights!
 Saw this by the bathroom.
 Back to Bourbon Street.
 Every store had shirts like these.
 We went to the dueling piano bar at Pat O'Briens.  It's amazing how many bars there and how many different kinds of bars are hidden within those bars.  You get into this one through an alley.  What else is out there I missed?
 We had such a great time, I took Amy back on Saturday night.
 Let's find some more live music.

 Finally, my first beignets.
 Good but I got the powdered sugar everywhere.  They always seem to give you three so I gave the other two to homeless guys.
 Hanging with Kevin and Ryan on Thursday.
 Watching Amy's plane.  She's US1239 towards the upper right.  It's amazing I could follow it live the whole way.
 Amy finally made it!
 She was hungry so we headed to the French Quarter.  I knew of many of the restaurants from years of hearing about them.  I kept running into them randomly.  Here is the famous Brennan's.
 We found a nice place for lunch.
 Then it was shopping time.  This was one crazy hat place.  They made them there.  They were between $500 and $1000!

 Jackson Square

 Cafe Du Monde

 Behind the scenes.  Making the beignets.

 Amy was not thrilled with the coffee.  

 Walking back to the hotel through the French Quarter, we saw a swamp monster!
 Bourbon is so quiet during the day.
 Pelican Club for dinner.  It was another great meal.
 Then we had a pretty insane night on Bourbon.  Let's get those Hurricane's going!

 Yes, we earned those beads!

 These pictures are highly edited.  You would not believe what the shot girls did to us over and over again.
 Back to Pat O'Brien's for quite a challenge.  A 3 gallon hurricane that cost $325!  First we were presented the empty glass.
 That's more like it!
 Again the pictures have been edited for people's protection!  We had about 10 people working on this thing.

 Amy and I jumped in.  
 Finished!  Yes, I don't remember getting back to the hotel.

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