Thursday, November 15, 2012

Till Next Time

This is it.  Promise.  Saturday afternoon we went to Louis Armstrong Park in the Treme District fot the Jazz and Gumbo Festival.

The music was great.

The gumbo was yummy.

But Amy preferred the peach cobbler.

We ran into a friend.
While we were there, we got these pictures from home.

We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and ran into our first wedding of the night.  They leave the church and walk down the street to the hotel with a band in front and everyone waving flags.

As we walked into the French Quarter, we saw another.  I will put up some videos later.

Back to NOLA!
Amy wanted to try some of Emeril's food.  It was great again.
It had been busy on Bourbon Street all week, but nothing compared to Saturday.  It was nuts.

Crazy sights all around.
We ended up back at Pat O'Brien's.  I still have this glass.  They let you keep them.
We waited in line about 1/2 hour to get into the piano bar.  These people were friendly and funny.  They were telling us how important football is here.  You can't plan any weddings or babies for this time of year!
We were there late.  It was fun.  No pictures though.
Our hotel from Canal Street Sunday morning.  After a breakfast and shopping in the French Quarter, we headed to the airport.  Did I mention that the airport is a dump?
Lake Pontchartrain.  It looks like and ocean.
The kids were very happy to see us.  For Ariel it was a bit of a delayed reaction.  I think both our families were glad we were back.  It was a lot of work taking care of the kids and we appreciate it.  

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