Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get Ava!

It's Thursday night and I'm wondering where everyone is.  I know there has been a slight electric issue but no one seems to be looking at the blog this week.  I will persevere though.  As long as my mom and mother in law look!  I lost out last night and Halloween was postponed so look for those pictures next week.  Here are some random pictures for this week.  Poor Ava was being attacked by all the boys.

 Ariel wanted her own sword.
 This is more like it.

 They did this at school.  It was one of their Halloween activities.
 Ariel's new tunnel.

 I passed by this today.
 Aden's last private swim lesson.  Next week he's going into a class.

 Ariel wants to swim.  They are having a family swim day this weekend.  Maybe we will take her.

 Thanks Rachel, I learned a lot!

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