Monday, November 12, 2012

3 Ugly Ones

It's late Sunday night, Amy and the kids are asleep and I'm up waiting for Amy's bag.  It made it on the plane but somehow got lost at the airport.  They did finally find it and sent it to us.  We got back from New Orleans late Sunday.  What a week.  It was my first time there.  I've heard that you only need a few days there at a time, which I totally understand between the rich food and craziness of the nightlife, but apart from missing the kids, I had a really great time.  I know you have seen some of these pictures but you also know I like to be complete so here we go...

I arrived Monday afternoon for a few days of business.  Pretty easy flight.  
 We took a walk over to Riverwalk for lunch.
 My first view of the Mississippi River!

 That night we went to the Eagles Saints game.  I was excited.  

 Champions Square.
 There were an estimated 20-30,000 Eagles fans there.  The Saint's fans were nice about it.  Very accommodating.

 Mercedes everywhere.

 We were all the way at the top under the blowing air conditioners.  We were freezing!  It was crazy loud in there too.

 Some pretty decent jumbalaya.

 Well, no sense in recapping the game.  The Eagles were awful but we had a fun time anyway.  The stadium was kind of a dump but they played great music and the fans were lively.  
 Lunch on Tuesday at the Howlin' Wolf in the Warehouse District.

 Dinner was at Emeril's Nola in the French Quarter.

 One word says it all.  Yum!  There service was amazing too.  They served everyone at once and cleared all at once.  Nothing as rude as waiters clearing tables as people are still eating.
 I had crazy dinners and desserts for 6 nights!
 My first time on Bourbon Street!  
 Tuesdays are the quietest nights but it still seemed busy to me, that is until I saw it on Saturday.
 Perfect for Ariel!
 We wandered from bar to bar.
 Pat O'Brien's became our hangout.  More on that later.
 There was great live music everywhere.
 1000's of Beautiful Girls and 3 Ugly Ones!  Bourbon Street has a seedier side.
 We ended the night at the City's lone casino.  

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