Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roll Wave Roll

Saturday morning we decided to take the cable car up St Charles Street through the Garden District up to Tulane and the Zoo.  I didn't mention this yet, but they are trying to redo the City before the Superbowl in January.  All the streets are torn up and so is a portion of the cable car line.  Here we are waiting for the shuttle bus on Canal Street to get us to the Garden District.  
 These cars have been in operation since the mid 1800's!

 We passed big beautiful houses.  I had Zillow running and saw that many of the houses were more than $5 mil!

 Synagogue.  Amy says we can move there now!
 Tulane University.

 The first tree we passed was full of beads.
 While we were walking, the kids called to video chat.  
 This is what we saw!
 I let cousin Debbie and Lisa know we were here.  They both were jealous.
 It was a very pretty campus.  Quiet.  I guess all the kids were still sleeping.

 Some fraternities and sororities.

 More giant houses on the way to the zoo.

 Nice day!
 It was a long walk across the park.

 Some big beautiful houses that bordered the park.
 We made it to the zoo but didn't go in.  It was too crowded.
 We then walked up Magazine Street.  You could spend a week exploring it!
 We decided to head back to St. Charles to get the bus and ran across Commander's Palace!  Another very old and famous restaurant.  I think Emeril might have gotten his start here.

 These are the trees that line St. Charles.  Lot's of Mardi Gras Beads.
 Look for another post later to day to finish off the trip.

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