Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lower Ninth Ward

I know I'm going crazy but here's another 50 picture post.  Friday was our first full day in New Orleans with no work so we decided to take a tour to get a better overview of the city.  We passed by Jackson Square.
 Brad and Angelina's house in the French Quarter!
 French Market.
 We then drove out to the Ninth Ward.  The driver told us about his  experiences with Hurricane Katrina which really made what we saw that much more real.  Of course we were only a few days removed from the misery of Hurricane Sandy so it was an emotional afternoon.  Here are some of the houses that were searched.  Many of the people never returned.
 The small houses are called shotgun shacks because they are long, narrow and go straight through.
 These people made their own little memorial.

 Many of the City's musicians loved in the Ninth Ward.  The City was afraid they might not return.  When Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity came, the first houses that were built were reserved for musicians.
 Every house has to be a different color.

 I didn't include a picture but several of the houses we saw had holes in the roof where the people dug through to escape the raging waters.  The driver said an axe is the most important thing to keep around.
 Voodoo teaches us to place broken glass around the house to keep out evil spirits.
 And to paint the top of balconies blue.

 The water table is only 2 feet down so everyone is buried above ground.  Families share these tombs.  They put the body in without being embalmed.  After a year, they push the bones into a pit at the bottom.

 This one had hundreds of bodies.
 The cheaper ones.  4 families share each section.  The bones get all mixed.

 City Park
 Ferns grow on the trees.  They turn brown when dry and green when wet almost instantly.
 A quick drive through the Garden District (more on that later)
 Ann Rice's house!
 We got back in time for lunch.
 Then a little shopping in the French Quarter.  We picked up some art.

 In Jackson Square, there was a Katrina Museum.  Very moving.
 Fat's Domino's piano was found this way after the storm.

 Finally time for dinner.  After 4 nights of same type of food, we went for Italian.  Maximo's Italian Grill.
 We sat in the kitchen!

 The chef was plating my food and started with asparagus.  I really don't like asparagus.  He saw my face and asked what was wrong.  I told him and quickly cleaned the plate and asked what I would like.  He quickly made some yummy spinach.
 Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.
 I had to try Brennan's banana foster.  They say they invented it so we went there for dessert.  

 It was good but not that memorable but it was an experience.
 We then walked to Frenchman Street.  It's an area past the French Quarter where the locals hang out.  There are a lot of jazz places.

 We listened to some rockin' jazz then headed home.
 Couldn't resist taking a picture of this.  30's!

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