Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nothing Left to Do But Smile Smile Smile

It's late Sunday night.  That was one long weekend.  We made it through Black Friday without causing too much financial strain.  We will see how Cyber Monday goes.  We actually didn't do much over the weekend so I don't have a ton of pictures.  It was pretty relaxing.

This was actually our only attempt at Black Friday shopping.  Olly for new Spiderman shoes.

 That was it for shopping.  We then went to visit Carly.
 She's getting big.
 Then we headed up to New Hope for lunch.

 My little Dancing Bear. (the title is a Grateful Dead reference)
 Peek A Boo!  Her new favorite game.
 It was a nice day and New Hope was very crowded.
 Chocolate covered bacon!

 We are still eating this caramel popcorn.
 It was my car's birthday!  I picked it up on Ariel's due date.  Good thing she was late!
 I thought this was funny.  They wrote to the car!

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