Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back in Business

It's Thursday night.  I know I finally gave you a post this afternoon but now I'm giving you a bonus post.  These will actually finish off last weekend.  

Hanging at Mark and Melissa's.
 There's our happy girl.

 It's amazing watching the three of them play.
 Ariel loves to read to Eva.

 Burghy said don't forget about me!

 Uncle Mark let Ariel play with his Frozen dolls.
 Such a helpful big cousin.

 What you do for a Klondike Bar?
Our friend Melanie came for a visit with her kids.  Eden is about a year older than Ariel.

 The girls had fun.
 The kids were all over the place.
 Sammy is a year younger than Aden.

 Always end up with the video games.

Swim. Getting so boring.  
 Loving Mrs. Tracey.

 Get the duck!

 Playing around with Nicky and the really big kids.

Dinner at Ben and Irvs.
There's Bubbie!

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