Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ariel and her Muscles

It's Wednesday night.  I went back to the endodontist today.  He said the pain I have been having around my face and neck could come from one bad tooth.  He took out the cement filling and added some stuff to make the tooth healthy so he can reseal it again in a few weeks.  Back to milkshakes!  This week is going quickly.  We need to come up with some Halloween costumes!

Music class!

 Hey Jake and Alex!
 The boys were very into it.

 Getting help from a nice lady.

 So much fun!

 So I had Ariel with me when I went to work out.  She wouldn't go to the kid's club.  She wanted to stick around.  
 It probably wasn't the safest thing to have her there but she was very enthusiastic.  
 She wanted to do everything I did!

 She tried really hard!
 Aden was in his class.

 She spent the next few days showing everyone her muscles.
 She ran into her old friend Stella.
 Uncle Mark brought over a basketball net.  
 It's become a huge attraction for all the kids.

 Get her Eli!

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