Thursday, October 5, 2017

Back on Skates

It's Thursday night and it took forever to get the kids to bed tonight.  Let's just hope they stay that way till at least 7 am!  I went to the dentist again today.  They made me feel better emotionally, if not physically, so that's something.  The twins had picture day today.  The idea was to get them in one picture together.  Noah didi great, Eli wanted no part of it.  Even Ariel couldn't get him to cooperate.  Speaking of school, why is Ariel so much smaller than everyone else?
 Aden had a birthday party at Palace Roller Skating.  He gave it a try once or twice around but that was it.
 Ariel wasn't even invited but she came and gave it a try too.
 I love this face!
 Aden should be a little more coordinated.
 Daddy son bonding.
 I had fun on my rollerblades.
 There were lots of parents from Aden's class.  
 The kids ended up playing video games.
 Happy Birthday Jacob!

 Saturday morning, we took the twins to get their haircuts.
 Noah's was getting long.

 Eli's turn.
 All cute!
 Too cool for school.  Have a great weekend!

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