Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What's Wrong Noah?

It's Tuesday night.  We just watched the Parent Trap with the older kids.  The one with Lindsay Lohan.  It was cute.  Kids went to bed too late though.  The boys just ran into their class today.  We love that.  We asked their teacher if Noah seems a bit OCD.  He seems to want to repeat certain things he does.  She thinks he just likes to be in charge and do things his way.  

Last week Amy ws bad and took Ariel for fast food.  I don't approve.
 Gym class with the boys!
 They really love running around and trying new things there.

 Noah loves the beams.

 Stamps are the best!
 All the neighbors enjoying our basketball court.

 Trying out their nap mats.

This morning Noah was a mess.  He was inconsolable.  He wouldn't even let us change him.  We just took him to school in his pajamas.  He was kicking and screaming the whole way into class.  The teacher sent this picture about 10 minutes later.  I guess he was putting on a show for us?
 Pick up time.

The boys had a great day and Mrs. Maria was able to change Noah!

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