Sunday, October 1, 2017

Chad's 40th

It's Sunday afternoon and we are watching the Eagles, who are playing well so far.  Uh oh, spoke too soon.  Rivers just threw a touchdown across the whole field.  We had a nice weekend which included breaking the fast at our house last night at the end of Yom Kippur.  Last weekend we got away without the kids thanks to family and sitters.  It was Chad's birthday and the six of us went to stay at our beach house so we could party in Atlantic City.
We got him some fun gifts.

It was so nice a relaxing to have some wine and no kids!  It was also perfect weather.  Ali said she has a new appreciation for the house with only adults.
All dressed up and ready to go!
Pretty girls.
Lucky guys.
We took an Uber to Harrah's Casino to have dinner at Cafe Martorano.
The specials were on an iPad.  
The place was fancy but fun.  There was a dj playing great dance music and they had water ice martinis!
We drank a lot!
The food was decent but none of us were very hungry.  We were there for the atmosphere.
It was way more fun to dance.
White people dancing after a few drinks is quite a sight!

Yo Cuz!
I don't remember most of these pictures.

We watched a band from above.
We got back I think around 2.   That was late for us!

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