Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dim Sum Eli

It's Wednesday night.  Last night the boys did not sleep very well.  Fingers crossed tonight.  Aden had a half day today so he and Amy had fun.  During Aden's half day, he had gym class and recess.  Now talk about an easy day.  Last week Amy took Ariel to cheerleading.  We got a few pictures out of her.

 I saw this outside the twin's classroom.
 I need to check the school website for pictures.
 The kids took over my car.

 Dinner at Aunt Melissa's.

 They will visit anywhere they can get ice cream.
 It's still nice enough weather to play outside.
 Looks good Noah.
 So pretty!

 Jump jump.

 Want some Chinese Eli?
 Bathing beauty.
 Bedtime stories.

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