Monday, October 2, 2017

Blue Pelican

These are a bit out of order.  Soccer was before we went to the shore.  Aden's coach was away so the head of the league filled in.  The boys played well but they lost.  
 Big kick for Aden.
 Pep talk time.
 Here are some action shots.
 Very serious.

 My boy in the action.

 Big cheering section for this game.

 Eli kept running onto the field.
 Back to our night away at the shore.  Sunday morning was sleepy.  All 6 of us were not up and ready to go until around 12.  We wasted the beautiful day!

 After a way too long lunch at Downbeach Deli, the others left.  Amy and I got a few minutes at the Margate Fall Funfest.
 It's a shame we didn't have more time.  There were lots of nice crafts and great looking food.

 We bought a couple of things for the house.  I love Pelicans.

 We got back around dinner time.  Aden had been to the Eagles game with my dad.  He loved it.
 Being silly before bed.
 I don't seem to have any pictures from last Monday.  Tuesday was orange day at Breezy Point.
 Loving siblings.

 Everyone in mommy's car!
 Let's go!

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