Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ariel Graduates Kindergarten

It's Tuesday night and I decided to take guitar lessons.  I have been wanting to for years.  I'm going to take them with Aden.  That will be fun!  Amy had a girls night out and super dad took care of things here!  The boys were crazy but went to bed well thankfully.  

The morning of Ariel's graduation, she practiced her dance.
 Not sure what Aden was doing.
 All four kids went to the dentist.  
 Aden first.  On his phone of course.
 Ariel was next.

Noah was actually really good.
Eli needed to be held down and screamed the whole time.
 They had more fun food shopping.
 That night we went to Bucks County Community College for Ariel's kindergarten graduation.  There was quite a line to get in.

 There were 3 other classes that also graduated. They each performed 2 songs and the school's owner talked about their year.  

A little fuzzy but Ariel getting her diploma.  

Ariel really had a great year.
 Yes, we left the babies home.  
 We will miss Nikki and family as they are moving to Boston.
 A quick trip to Rita's Water Ice to celebrate.

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