Monday, June 11, 2018

Mika's House

It's Monday night.  We had Ariel's graduation tonight!  It's our 5th Breezy Point graduation believe it or not.  I think this might have been the first time it didn't rain.  Everyone told after that they loved Ariel on stage dancing.  She really is a character.  

A quick trip to the playground last weekend.  

Ariel's friend Mika and her family invited us over for a barbecue.  That was very nice of them.  They went all out.  There was so much homemade food.  Aden and Mika's brother got right to sword fighting.  

I think this might have been a CIA safe house.  Eli just stared at all the guns.  

 We got them outside to play.

 Yes, they bought a surplus army truck.  Looks like a troop transporter to me.

 Smores time.

 Taryn has Noah.
 The turtles were actually pretty playful.
 Yummy smores.

 So Aden had a late game.  I think it started at 7.  I guess they think all the kids want a chance to play under the lights.  

 Aden had a big hit!

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