Sunday, June 24, 2018

Lotion Everywhere

It's Sunday night.  We are back from the shore.  Amy is busy getting the older kids ready for camp tomorrow.  The twins start on Tuesday.  Wow!  It's camp already!  They are all excited.  Since we are ready for camp, let's finish off school.  

Ariel was really sad of her last day of Breezy Point.  She really had a great 5 years there and I think she made quite an impression on them.  
 We were packing for the shore and it got a little too quiet downstairs.  That usually means trouble.  
 Did you find the suntan lotion Eli?
 Guess so.  We drove down late.
 Saturday morning we headed to the Ventnor Playground.  
 The kids love their playgrounds.

 Then we headed back for doughnuts.  
 Look at this face!  That's the way I feel about them too!
 Then it was pool time.  
 Here's a bunch of random pictures.

 The slide was a big hit.

 All the kids except Eli.  He was a bit scared.
 There's a mermaid on my back!
 Nice and cozy.  
 Boys and their guns.
 Cool shot.

 Yes, Eli shoots everyone.
 Ice cream got him out.  
 Everyone back in.  
 Pure joy!
That night Greg, Jackie and Jacob stopped by.  

Then we went for ice cream at the Dairy Bar.

Fun night!

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