Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Pugh Crew Summer Kickoff

Well this is a pretty huge post.  Not really sure why.  This weekend we ended up not going to the shore as a family.  Ariel and I took a quick trip down to get some stuff done but everyone else stayed home for Aden's playoff baseball game.  Today I never got out of my pjs.  It was a rainy lousy day.  Anyway, back to this post.  Last Saturday, Aden had a 4 hour football clinic.  It was sponsored by Justin Pugh who graduated from Council Rock not that long ago and has been a guard on the New York Giants.  It was hot out, even when we got there at 8:30.
Aden knew a few of the kids.  There were about 250.  

Let's go!
First a pep talk by Justin.  He was huge!

 He wanted to take a picture with the twins but they were scared of him.  Amy asked if he's still an Eagles fan.  he said no way!  Too much bad blood.  He had his worst game as a player against the Eagles.  
Then it was picture time.

 Then they ran drills for hours.  
 There's Aden catching a ball.
 Justin would jump in and run the drills with the kids.

Ariel in the cheap seats.
Hitting those pads.

 Eventually they broke into teams and played games.  Aden had some great throws as quarterback and catches as a receiver.  
 The kids had a great day.  
Justin took a selfie with everyone.  They did these all over the country and from what I understand this was the only free one.  Justin must have paid for it himself.  
 I went with Lou to Camden to see The Dead.  They have been touring twice a year in October and in the Summer.  I think this is the 6th time I've seen them with John Mayer filling in for Jerry Garcia.  
It was supposed to rain but ended up being a nice night.

 Let's go!  It was a pretty rockin' first set.  

Sunset over Philadelphia.
 The second set was more mellow but still enjoyable.  
 Here's the setlist for anyone who cares.

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