Monday, June 18, 2018

Dancing at the Burger Bar

It's Monday night.  Sorry I forgot a post today.  It was crazy hot.  Like 96 and humid.  Now it's pouring.  I guess we are finally in Summer.  Ariel and the twins are done school.  Aden has two more days.  Camp starts next week!  Let's go back to last weekend.  We had not been at the shore in two weeks and there was a bunch of stuff to do there but Amy wanted to stay home for Aden's baseball game so I took Ariel and headed down!  We got there early and worked hard for a couple of hours so we decided to reward ourselves with a little beach time.  
 Ariel danced the whole way.
 We stopped to pick up burgers at the Dairy Bar.
 She's ready for her own Youtube channel.

She took this.

 Finally made it to the beach.
 It was pretty quiet and we didn't see anyone we knew.
 Just as we sat down to eat, the sky started to rumble.
 Uh oh!
 We ran to may parent's house, which was the closest.  Just in time!
 Some games with grandpop before we headed home.
 The boys were playing outside.  It didn't rain at home.

 Twin love.
 That night Amy and I went to Havana in New Hope for dinner.  It was the scene of our first date!  It was a nice night so we were able to walk around.  
The next day Amy took Ariel to see the dance show at the school she used to go to.  Our friend's kids were in it.  It's not like a regular recital where each class does a number one after the other.  It's an actual show with all the kids mixed together in age and dance styles.  They loved it.  I entertained the twins all day.
Then it was time to make cup cakes.  I don't know how Eli alway ends up with an egg in his hand.

 Good mixing Noah!
 We decorated them.  
 Then ate them!
 What fun toys are hidden in our sofa?
 Ariel read her American Girl Doll book to her American Girl Dolls!  There is something meta about that.

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