Sunday, June 3, 2018

Margate Here We Come

It's a very rainy Sunday night.  It was supposed to be a rainy weekend but this is the first time it really rained!  They totally blew that forecast.  We had not planned to go to the shore because we had a lot going on anyway.  Ariel's dance recital, Aden's football clinic, a birthday party and The Dead among other things.  I guess we better get started with last weekend, which was totally crazy.  This is a huge post but I took a ton of pictures last Saturday.  

We left late on Friday, around 7:30 and didn't have any traffic getting to Margate.  We know people that left earlier in the afternoon and it took between 3 and 4 hours and it took us an hour and a half!  The car was so packed and we had so much to unload.  The only problem we had with going so late was we weren't sure where the twins were going to sleep.  We made it!  The house was still there!
 I'm not sure if the twins remembered being here.
 Amy's parents and the dogs came to visit.

 A little snack before bed.
 We really thought the twins would be in beds by now and had put away the pack n plays but we put them back together and threw them in.  
 They aren'y used to beds and might wander during the night.
 We cuddled with the older ones a bit.
The big kids found their spots.  

 And we found ours!
 Good morning!  The twins were up around 5:30!  They played for a bit then went to wake up Aden and Ariel.
 It was a beautiful day and Amy's birthday!  Amy went to the beach and I stayed back with the twins so they could nap.  They took a long time to fall asleep and at one point broke into Fly Eagles Fly!
 Eventually they slept.  When they got up I took them out back.  What did they see?
 Bunnies!  Everywhere!
 That night, we had a barbecue at our place for Amy's birthday.  Amy's mom and my mom brought a lot of the food and I cooked it.  This is a cute pic.
It was nice to have the house full of family.

 Hey Gwen!

 We made a lot of food!  It's nice everyone had a place to sit.

 Where did you get that ice cream Noah?  

 2 birthday cakes for our special girl!
 Eli was the most excited.
 Let's sing!
 Happy Birthday Amy!

 People made fun of me for getting such a huge sofa but we filled it up!
 I made it into a picture!  Of course it's a selfie.

 Good night Gwen!

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