Thursday, June 7, 2018

Spring Sing 2018

Last Friday the twins had their Spring Sing.  Good morning guys!
 Here we go!

 The anticipation was building.
 Standing room only!
 Here they come!
 They are finally all 3!
 They did so many numbers, here are just a few.  

 Poor Noah kept yawning.  He started off strong then faded out.

The kids all did so great!
 The boys gave me a Father's Day present. 
Then we headed outside for refreshments.  

 Mrs. Maria is amazing.  She cried during the whole performance.  She really loves these kids and works so hard with them.  She even got them presents.
 Yummy cookies.

 Thanks Mrs. Maria for a great year!  We should almost have another baby so we can have another year with you!  Lol.  Have a great weekend!

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