Monday, July 9, 2018

50 Years

Last Saturday night we had one of the many celebrations of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  This time it was at Sofias in Margate.  50 years!  That's incredible!  Amy and I have a long way to go having just passed 11!  I have to say it's been a pretty exciting 50 years for them.  2 kids and 4 grandkids later.  They are still taking care of us when by now we should be taking care of them.  They just have always been so generous and supportive.  Hopefully Amy and I can be the same way with our kids and grandkids.  

Here are some random pics that Bev and I took.  

 Aden at a filet and loved it.

 We had a very nice night.

Ariel headed off to sleep at my parents and ran into her friend Sydney.

Summer buddies.

Amy and I actually went out at like 9:30!  We met Melissa, Mark and their friends at the Borgata.  That place was packed!  Amy won some money on the slots!
Sunday we headed to my parents to swim.  The pool was full.  THe neighbors also joined us.  

 Some pics by Ariel.

Noah was worn out!
Lunchtime!  Too be continued.

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