Monday, July 23, 2018

The Best Ribs

It's a rainy Monday night. We had some crazy weather today.  Sunny with random strong rain.  Let's finish off last weekend.  After the beach and pool we barbecued at our house.  
 We made burgers and hot dogs and corn.  Classic.  
 Eli probably wanted fries.
I love filling a big table with great people and great food!
 The kids got along great.
 Allison the sitter took Eli for a long walk.  They passed by the fire house and saw some cool trucks.  Allison told Noah they went to fire house near the Wawa.  This is over a week later and both the boys keep talking about the fire house near the Wawa.
 Goodbye John, Michele and kids!
 Cuddles before bed.
 Good morning!
Sunday morning I ran around and bagels and stuff for brunch.
 Amy and Melissa's old babysitter came with her mom and kids.  She lives in Vegas and comes to the shore every year.  We try and see them.  

 Right Gwen?
 That night we stopped at the Pub in Pennsauken New Jersey for dinner.  We used to go here pretty often but it's been a long time.  Ariel liked the knights.
The place is massive.  A whole wall of fire pits full of yummy ribs and steaks.  Eli would not sit down.  He ran everywhere and talked to everyone.  

 Nice cakes!
Forget dinner, this is where we want to be!
 Everyone wins!

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