Wednesday, July 4, 2018

No Goldens in the Pool

Last week, looking ahead at the weather.  Wow it was going to be hot!  And boy was it ever.  
 We went swimming at my in-laws.  
 We hung out mostly in the hot tub.

 Eli was intrigued by the diving board.  
 Of course he wouldn't actually touch it.

 Cooper never learned to swim.

 He just wanted to chill.
 Amy drove down the shore with the twins on Friday while I was at work and the older two were at camp.  She had a tough day.  The boys gave her a hard time.  They did get into the pool and get some ice cream though.
 I came down later with Aden and Ariel and Heather our sitter.
 Saturday morning Noah wanted to show me how he can climb out of the pack n play.  Yippee.
 Our room is so bright in the morning.
 Both cars in the driveway!
 Are you ready to start the day Eli?  Too be continued.  Have a great weekend!

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