Tuesday, July 24, 2018

On Guard!

Here are some random pics from last week.  Amy and Melissa took the little ones to the NAC to swim.
 The twins didn't want to leave!
 Bathing beauty!
 Attempting to teach Ariel to ride a bike!

 Boys. Everything is a sword.
 What are you guys up to?
 Oh yeah, throwing everything on the ground.

 Where are Noah and Eli?
 Peek a boo!

 Can you tell which twin made which picture?  (Hint-Noah is way more meticulous)
 What are you pointing at us Eli?
 Ring a round the rosey!

 Me with all the kids except Aden!
 This is a bittersweet end to the story.  One of our favorite local restaurants, Cafe Riviera at the Neshaminy Mall, which closed about 2 years ago finally reopened, but 40 minutes away!  Total bummer.

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