Tuesday, July 17, 2018

No Interest in Binky

Back to last Sunday.  We woke to a beautiful day.  
Eli found a binky!  He hasn't had one in months.  We were worried for a moment but after a few sucks he just handed it to me and walked away.  
 The kids got to hang a little more.
 Eli found the Johnson's Popcorn.
Buddies who will hopefully see each other soon!
 Hugs good bye.  We had such a great time with Rebecca and Jeremy and the kids.  Hopefully we can make this a yearly adventure!
 Bubble time.
 Let's attack Ariel!
 Tether ball!
 Look at the twins swimming by themselves!

It's funny when the boys take pics of me!

Ok, time to head home.
This is just some of the bags waiting to go in the car.  We take way too much!
 We loaded the car and then saw Moose.
 Ok Eli, time to head out.  
 Monday, Amy took the boys to gym class.

 That night Aden had a basketball game.  
 The twins had their own fun.  

 Aden tries hard to be a part of the action.  

He finally got his hands on the ball!
Eli was Aden's biggest fan!
 Go Aden!

 Good job Aden.  Time to head home.

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