Monday, July 2, 2018

New Dunes

It's way too late Sunday night.  I should be asleep but we got back recently from the Shore and I'm a bit wired.  Weirdly enough I took Benedryl because I got a bunch of bites that are annoying me so that on top of being tired and I'm somehow still awake.  Anyway, back to last weekend.

Last Saturday we went to the Longport playground.  
 My dad and Aden were next door playing a little B Ball.

 Then we went back to my parent's house.  Aden was working hard on his Legos and for a change, Ariel was working on one too.  She did a great job building Ariel the mermaid's boat.

 Then we took a walk over to Lucy to see Mel's friend Stef.
 The dune on Washington Ave.
 Cute!  Big and little guy.

 Another cute one. I wonder where Lucy goes to get her manicure.
 Some ice cream.
 Then over to the pool

 He' slike James Bond with is under water propulsion device.
ELi shoot everyone.

Cutie pie.

Noah closeup.
Then they played on Aden and Ariel's bed.

 Dessert time.  That gets them to the table fast.

 Hugs for everyone before they leave.

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