Friday, July 13, 2018

A Visit From Albany

It's Thursday night and tomorrow is Aden's 10th birthday!  Wow!  How did that happen?  It's amazing to watch him grow into a young man with so many interests and desires.  We can't wait to see where the next year brings him.  On to 5th grade!
So we had a very special weekend.  Amy's dear friend from college came to visit with her family.  I met them at a reunion a few years ago.  We had kept in touch and were thrilled that we found a time they could come all the way from Albany, NY.  We met them at the shore house Thursday night.  Rebecca and Jeremy have a son Wil around Aden's age and Emily is a year or so younger than Ariel.  The kids got along so well right away.
We all took so many pics so expect some pretty big posts coming up!
 Of course we went to the Dairy Bar for ice cream after their long drive.  
 Emily and Ariel were cute together.
 Enjoying that water ice Eli?
 We took them to see the beach.  
 It was a nice night.

They had never been to the Jersey shore before.
 Then we walked over to the bay.
It was getting late!
Bedtime stories.
 The boys stayed up late playing cards.
Good morning boys.  They slept with Aden and Ariel.
 The kids all got up early and played nice.

 Crazy coincidence.  Ariel and Emily have the same lovies!
 It had been super hot for weeks.  Today was going to be the transition day which meant thunderstorms were coming.  They were supposed to be later in the day so we headed out early to go to a playground and walk around but it started raining.  We headed back and picked up doughnuts from Juniors and headed to my parent's house.  
 Needless to say the doughnuts were yummy.  

 Oh yeah.  That hits the spot.  
Poor Aden was stuck with chips.  
Ariel is really getting into Legos.
 The boys played Monopoly.  The whole family was excited to see the actual Monopoly locations that are spread around our island as it was based in Atlantic City.  
 Then it cleared up a bit so we headed to the pool!  We had some spectators.
 Everyone loved the pool.

 Rebecca and I.

Then the rain really came.
 We got steaks delivered from Dino's.  Yum.  

 I have so much more to share!  Have a great weekend and we will get back to it Monday!

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