Sunday, July 8, 2018

Babysitter vs. Babysitter

It's Sunday night.  We had a fun weekend at the shore with Amy's college roommate and her family.  I will have tons of pictures to share soon.  Let's go back to last weekend.  We drove down late Friday with Heather our babysitter.  Actually, Amy went earlier in the day with the twins.  I waited for the older two to get home from camp before we left.  

Saturday morning the boys played out back a little.  
 Then we headed to Juniors to get doughnuts.  
 Oh yeah.  That hits the spot.
 Playground time.  

 Ariel looks so grownup sometimes.

 Stylin' with Heather's glasses.
 Heather has met Jordyn, last year's sitter before, but it was weird to have them talking to each other!  
 Ariel hasn't seen Moose since last summer.
 Ariel showed everyone her cheer moves.
 Over to my parent's house to swim.  
 There's my little bathing suit model.
 Here are a bunch of random pool pics, many taken by Ariel!  We had a breakthrough.  Both twins decided they didn't need to be held in the pool anymore and swam for hours on their own!  
 There was some water gun shooting.
 Lots of jumping.
 It was great having Heather's help.

 Big jump!
 What's so funny Noah?
 Hey, I made a picture! 

 Hey Eva!
 Ariel selfies.

 Who does she look like?
 Uncle Mark has Aden!

 Who are all these crazy people Gwen?

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