Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Hot Day For Baseball

It's Tuesday morning and I owe you a post!  This one is a biggie from last Saturday.  

I took Ariel to watch Eva play soccer.

Mark is the coach!

Sweet!  Ariel brought luck.  The girls got their first win!
It was a hot day.  
The twins did not want to go to baseball but they went and actually both had really good days.  
Here are some action shots. 

I'm getting a home run!

Rachel came for cheer.  
Ariel was too hot and wanted to move indoors.  

While Ariel was in cheer, the twins and my parents went to Guy's Bikes to get new bikes!

Back to Ariel.  
Someone is a show off!
We set up this pool because it was so hot.  

Of course the boys got rough.

That night, the neighbors had everyone over for dinner.  

Amy looked pretty in her dress!  All the girls wore dresses.  
Indian and Chinese food!
Nice cake!
During the party, Ariel decided to she wanted to sleep at Eva's because Dani was babysitting, so I ran her over there.
Dani has a dog just like Honey.  
Back to the party.  
It's a bit of a blur, but you can see Eli riding his bike home from the party!


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