Monday, October 25, 2021

Airborne Tryouts

It's Monday night and there are storms coming!  We need it.  It's been very dry.  

Last Sunday it was no longer warm!  
Mark went out early to walk Honey and needed a sweatshirt.  Of course he reached for Aden's!
I took the twins to Hebrew School then took Ariel to the fields for cheer pictures.  Those poor girls.  It was freezing!
They ran around to keep warm.

Flying Ariel.  
She's lucky she's so light.
Giulianna is in Aruba now.  Bet it feels different than this.  
Almost Ariel's turn!

There she is!

Ariel and Dori.  So strong!
It's like herding cats. 
Cute!  I love how coach Lynde's hair is glowing!
Amy took the twins to Peddler's Village to see the scarecrows and go to Giggleberry.  
They had been begging to go to Giggleberry for weeks.  

They had lots of fun!
Amy and I went back on a promise we made to ourselves.  Ariel first started cheer with Rock Starz, a competition team.  The requirements were too much so switched her to the Indians township team.  We said we would never go back to competition cheer.  Well never came sooner than we expected.  That afternoon, Ariel had tryouts for Airborne Elite Allstars in Warminster.  They have a 6 month team.  That was our concession.  It will be crazy but only crazy for 6 months, not the whole year.  

She's excited to do it.  
The owner kept us busy so we couldn't watch the tryouts.  
Then Aden had a football game.  
He actually played a lot.  
Not well but he got the ball.  

That night, there was a crazy full rainbow!
If you look closely, it was actually a double rainbow.  
So cool!  Felt like we were in Hawaii!
Noah bought this puzzle with his own money.  He has now taken it apart and put it back together about 100 times.


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