Thursday, October 21, 2021

Pink Out!

It’s Thursday night. We have now watched the bar mitzvah video twice. Then we watched some of our wedding video!  Crazy stuff. 

Last Friday was a beautiful day!
Aden had flag practice.
When we got back, I made a beef shawarma!  I sliced the beef thin and marinated it overnight.  I would have preferred to make lamb but no one eats it besides me and I was so tired of chicken.  
Then into the oven for a few hours.  
Looking good!
Started slicing down the sides.
Let's eat!  It came out yummy!
Cheer practice.  

The girls!
Pink out for cancer.  
Speaking of pink out, we went to the high school game.  There's Dani!

The Hawk scared Ariel.  
It's amazing.  Ariel takes over the place.  She finds kids of all ages to hang with.  
There's Amanda.

The student section was packed.  
Go South!
Even I wore pink!
Of course Ariel ended up on the field.  
This was a fun season.  
Ariel and her buddies.  Have a great weekend!


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