Monday, October 18, 2021

Jake's Party at Funzilla

Last Saturday afternoon, we put up some more Halloween decorations.  Amy thinks it's enough already but the kids really like it.  
Then we went to Melissa's for dinner.  
It was great to see everyone and hang.  

Ariel gave Gwen her first cheer outfit.  It looked so cute! Was Ariel really that small?
Eli went next door to check out the scary decorations.  
On Sunday, we had Jake's 5th birthday party at Funzilla.  
The twins were so excited.  

Win us some candy Noah!

They did everything!

They are great climbers.  
Ariel hung out with Alex.  

I took Ariel for a drive.  
It's not your birthday yet Eli!

There's the birthday boy.  
Happy Birthday Jake!
That night I made steak.  It was raining so I couldn't grill so I broke out the cast iron pan.  


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