Wednesday, October 20, 2021

There's No Crying At Soccer

It’s Wednesday night and we are watching the Bar Mitzvah video!  It’s great and looks so amazing. It’s like looking through a window. 

Last Wednesday, Ariel got up super early, like 6, and was playing an online game with Peyton.  We told her she couldn't do that anymore.  
Speaking of Peyton, it was a half day of school, poor Amy, and Peyton walked back with Ariel.  Ariel called me begging for Starbucks so I had it delivered.  
The twins tried on their costumes. 

Peyton and Ariel put on a show.  Eli did the announcing.  
Sleepy afternoon.  
Thursday morning, Aden dropped the pasta.  
The boys were silly before school.  Set up a ramp to roll down.  
I saw these shirts at a store.  They are fake so how are they able to sell them?
Dani came for cheer.  
Good handstand Ariel!

Soccer practice.  
Eli did well.  Noah not so much.  It didn't help that he was tired but he needs to be able to control his emotions.  A kid kicked his ball away from him and he had a total meltdown.  Couldn't function for a whole half hour even though I tried to distract him.  

Eventually he got back out there.  The coach is a saint.  
Nice sunset!


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