Monday, October 4, 2021

Bar Mitzvah Practice

It's Monday night.  We are all still so tired from the weekend.  It was hard to function today.  Back to last Sunday.

We had soccer pictures early.  It was cold!
The boys played around waiting.  

So cute!
Our soccer players.

Then we had Aden's bar mitzvah run through.  
He needed some coaching but did well.
He even got to read the torah.  

I taught the boys to play checkers.  It's crazy they never learned because they already know how to play chess.  
Over to Juliet's house for her birthday.  
Ariel and Emily were out front.  
Then they were in the pool.  

It was nice to lounge by a pool.  So not ready for winter.  
We recognized that invite!
Too fun to leave!


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